When you follow what truly lights you up, as you align more with who you really are, you notice things become easier for you. Less effort is required. And the effort that is required is not a struggle. Your focus shifts more and more to Being from Doing. You get to enjoy life and get out of the constant problem-solving lifestyle that society has upheld as ‘normal’. You get to feel the pride of knowing that you were one of the few who went for it!

It takes courage to create a life that aligns with your Soul.

 For one, it will not look like anyone else’s! What is perfection for you, may not work at all for the next divinely aligned person. How you manifest is unique to you. The energies of your Soul are unique to you. The perfect combination of your soul’s energy, specializations and lifetimes of experience are unique to you.

So, what happens when you’ve been going along kind of tolerating a life that isn’t completely fulfilling, and you decide to make changes to align more with who you really are? People, sometimes people you have been close to for your whole life, may disagree. May throw shade in your face about how what you want, what you are doing, the changes you are making…are all wrong! You may also find yourself walking into Doubtsville because your beloved ego, whose job is to keep you safe, IE keep everything THE SAME, starts freaking out a little bit because you are making changes. Changes that require steps into the unknown. Changes that mean things will no longer be the same. And the egos of your nearest and dearest can be triggered too.

Egos love a guaranteed specified outcome.

It takes courage to make the decision that you are going to create your own path.  To take the steps into the unknown.  To trust that the highest good is unfolding, even though you have no reference point for exactly what it’s going to look like.  And to feel all the feelings that come up as you let go of all the things that haven’t been quite right for you.  To face the things that have hurt.  To face yourself.

So that’s all great, right?  We are courageous Soul-led people, ready for change, bravely carving a path of our own design that ends up not only nourishing ourselves but has a ripple effect times infinity that positively touches more people than we can even quantify.  Fabulous.

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You Are Worthy of Support.

Work with Me.


But what happens when we don’t?

What is actually happening when you have this guidance in your heart, but you continue to tolerate and participate in all these things that really don’t jive for you?

Perhaps, you’re going along, working in a job that drains the life out of you. You wait and hope every minute passes faster to get you to the next weekend, the next day off, the next vacation… You justify it, counting on the paycheck, the recognition, the box to tick off for your resume, but something inside you is DYING. You feel you can hardly stand it, yet you continue to tolerate it.

Drama abounds, sucking more of your precious life force energy. You have big ideas, but barely a shred of motivation left at the end of the day to take action toward your creation. You find some silver linings that reaffirm that this is OK for now, but those are quickly shrouded by the day to day that demands you play a part that doesn’t fully feel like you’re being you.

You may start to lose touch with who you really are.

You find yourself identifying more by what you are doing, what you are accomplishing, what you are creating in terms of what is expected and celebrated by your family, friends, co-workers, or society. You do your best to hide how discontent and unfulfilled you feel to fit into that super acceptable box.

And somewhere along the line, you start to forget that you had dreams. You start to forget about what really lights you up. You can name things you’re passionate about, but you don’t feel that resonance anymore when you talk about them. Maybe guilt creeps in because you’re not as devoted to those things the way you once were, or always thought you would be. You have some idea of what you like to do for fun, but maybe even the ‘fun’ you are having isn’t feeling that fun to you.

Everything is just one big problem to solve. You operate by solving problems. Resolving issues. Handling difficulties. It’s never-ending.

Of course, most societal structures pride us on what good problem solvers we are. Barreling through obstacles, blindly making way, forcing everything as best you can to work out a certain way, and by a certain time. The outcome seems to be all that matters, and everyone is judging. (Especially you – judging yourself).

Tolerating circumstances is not the same as living life. Feeling like everyone else is getting to participate in life while you feel next to it is not all that is meant for you.

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So, great Ellen, thanks for that downer about a life mis-aligned. I’m kind of in that place, but I don’t want to stay there. What do I do?!


Here are three things you can do to get started:

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1. Get super clear on your intention

 Ask yourself: What would you like to experience? What would you like to create? What would you like to receive?

Is your health giving you issues? What would you like to experience instead? Formulate it in a positive statement. Would you like to experience more loving and harmonious relationships?

Clearly articulate that to yourself. Write it down. Get it clear in your mind.

It’s impossible to create what we really want if we aren’t clear on what that is. You may need to write several circumstances that you don’t want just to clear the way for you to see what you do want. That is okay too!

Sit quietly and tune into your heart space. Ask if it could be clearer to you what your heart truly desires. Allow it to come to you. It may in that moment, or it may in another moment when the space is there to receive it.

2. Start noticing and thanking all the ways it is already showing up for you.  

 For example, ‘Thank you penny for showing up on the sidewalk! Thank you, Universe, that today I woke up feeling well-rested and energized! Thank you for the cashier who was kind to me today.’ Etc. etc. Notice all the ways it’s already showing up.

Even if it seems tiny. Even if there seems to be a loooooong way to go toward what you really want.

Notice and thank it as it shows up and it will expand. Have fun with this, feel free to write love notes in your journal to all the things that are aligned with your vision as they show up. Notice what that does for your vibration!

3. Get support!

 It takes great courage to change your life!

Gaining insight into your Soul and where your energies are directed can cut out lots of guesswork and assist you on your journey.

It can also just be really nice, to have someone in your corner to remind you of how empowered and amazing you are (especially if the voices around you aren’t quite ready for it!)


 It takes courage to lead a Soul-Led Lifestyle!

When you are led by your heart and Soul, you create your own path – your way.  The perfect combination of your Soul’s energies are Unique to YOU.  You operate in a space with no guaranteed specified outcome.  Taking one brave step (as guided by your intuition) at a time.

When  you’re out of alignment with who you are, you may find yourself tolerating circumstances instead of boldly blazing a path you most desire. You operate on a never-ending cycle of solving problems.

3 Things to Help you Shift into a more Soul-Aligned Life: 

(Grab your Journal! – need one? I created this beautiful journal just for you! https://amzn.to/3CCndk1)

  1. Get clear on your intention.  Take the time to get really clear on what you WANT to experience, feel, have, etc.  Write it down. 
  2. Thank all the ways it’s already showing up in your life. Write them down!
  3. Get support for yourself! I’m here to help:  https://soulledlifestyle.com/workwithme/

You are a beautiful Divine Being in a human body, living a human experience. There is something special about you. You are so needed and so loved. 

So much love to you.  Until next time,

  Ellen <3

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