Your intuition is a superpower that leads you on the most efficient path toward manifesting your intentions and living your life purpose. As you tune into it more closely, you’ll find your self-trust increases and the magic in your life multiplies!

By the end of reading this post, you’ll have a better understanding of how your intuition fits in your manifestation journey and how it communicates with you.

Where does Intuition fit in the Path to Manifesting & Your Life Purpose?


When choosing to step into your heart-centered, Soul-led life and life purpose, there are 7 steps to take that will help you expand into the most fulfilling divine self-expression.

1. Come Home to a Deep Remembrance of Who You Are.

You can do this with the help of an Akashic Records Coach, or through journaling, noticing things you enjoy and doing more of those things, noticing where you have filtered yourself and daring to live without that limitation, and other healing practices.

Who you are IS your purpose, so the more of the genuine, authentic YOU, you can be, without the filters you’ve used in the past to please others, the more you will be stepping into and living your life purpose.

2. Set an Intention.

It’s so easy to get lost in the details of all that isn’t going the way we wish in our lives.

So take a moment or two, and think about how you want to feel. What you’d like to experience, what would you like your relationships to feel like, what you want to do and have. What you’d like to create.

3. Call It In! 

Ask the Universe, God, Source, the Divine to bring you what you need to make your desires come to life! Call it in out loud or in your journal or in your mind! Do it with your heart and open arms! Know that you are heard and it is coming!


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THIS is the way your Guides and Angels and other benevolent Beings will let you know what to do to get you towards what you want. It’s important to not only notice your intuitive guidance but to Take Action.

5. Notice and Receive.

Notice where what you want is showing up. Notice where you are already doing the things you love. Notice. Even if it’s a TINY amount compared to what you’ve asked for, wish to see, notice it and thank it. Receive it.

By giving it attention and active reception, you begin to feel fulfilled by it. You place your attention on it, and it will expand.

6. Genuine Gratitude.

Celebrate all the ways the Universe is bringing you what you asked for! What you want! What you love!

7. Ground and Expand.

This goes right along with following your intuition. This is the work on the ground. This is doing the actions you feel called to take. Taking the new skills and applying them. Taking a moment to see how far you’ve come and how much you have accomplished!

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How does your Intuition Speak to You?

You are a divine Being in a human body. Your Spirit Guide team, who’s Divine purpose is to help you manifest your intentions, is going to communicate to you in a way that you can receive it—With your body, in your humanness.

💫The 4 Clairs are one of the ways you may receive guidance.

  • Clairvoyance: You see things with your third eye. You notice images, beings, see scenes unfold, etc.
  • Clairaudience: You hear guidance come through. It could be words or sounds.
  • Claircognizance: You just know. Small or large chunks of information just download.
  • Clairsentience: You feel it. You may notice a feeling of a presence nearby, or feel like you need to do something, or you may feel something in your body. A gut feeling.

None are better than another. Often, you may experience more than one, and your experience may change over time. Perhaps you are super visual, but then one day you hear a whisper in your ear! Or you find you just downloaded a ton of information that you just suddenly knew.

💫Signs & Symbols:

The Universe loves to get your attention! You may notice signs, symbols, numbers, messages. And they may come in unexpected places and ways. If you are noticing it and feeling it’s a sign, then trust that nudge. It will keep coming up until you notice it and TAKE ACTION.

What may seem to be a coincidence is actually the Universe bringing you to the perfect person, place, or object to help you further on your path.

You are loved and not alone!

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The Difference between Intuition and Logic

Our logical minds love knowing the Whole Path.  All the steps.  Seeing the how, so we can feel a sense of guarantee through our actions.  (Bearing in mind there are never guarantees).

However, intuition often only give ONE step at a time.  It may nudge you to go somewhere that seemingly has no relation whatsoever to what you wanted to manifest.  Take the action anyway.

Through doing this, you will both strengthen your connection to your higher self and intuition, making the clairs, signs, symbols and synchronicities more obvious to you.  You will also gain a deeper sense of trust in Yourself. 

Knowing that you can relax and wait til you KNOW what that next right step is.  Knowing that what you feel called to do IS the right thing to do.  Knowing that in periods of uncertainty and unknown, the Universe is conspiring behind the scenes on your behalf, bring the people and circumstances together just for you.

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Your intuition is a superpower that is an integral part of stepping into and living your life purpose.  It comes through your humanness in your body with the clairs, and through signs, symbols and synchronicity. 

It will often give you ONE step, one action, one nudge to follow, and will not reveal the next step until the action has been taken.  Following your intuition both requires trust in yourself and will also strengthen that trust. 

You came here to bring through something no one else can.  We need you.

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