You are worthy of your desires.

Break-Through to YOU Coaching


I am here to support you as you step into and live your Soul-Led Lifestyle.  It takes courage to create a life that reflects your heart and soul’s deepest desires.  Not everyone around you will understand.

Together, we will explore your divine blueprint in the Akashic Records, illuminating your Soul’s gifts, specializations, and your personal manifestation style.  You will come home to a deep remembrance of Who You Are.

We will illuminate energies contributing to challenging relationships and circumstances.  We will then bring awareness to, and clear energetic blocks and create a fresh opportunity.

All guidance and clearing comes through with unconditional loving energy.

With help from your Akashic Records and Spirit Guides, get clearer on your purpose and what is special about you that Only You can bring into this world.

We’ll uncover patterns and breakthrough unhelpful ones!

Who You Are is your purpose and Is Needed!

You are Worthy.

You are an Infinite Being.

You make a difference.

We will meet 1:1 over six months.  Allowing time to integrate the energetic changes and for new choices to manifest new outcomes.

You’ll also receive twice monthly short videos and quick exercises to expand on all the good that you want to receive More of.

At the end of six months, you’ll look back and realize you are not standing in the same place.  You’ll have the tools to keep expanding beyond our time together.

It’s been a joy supporting clients create and live their soul-led lifestyles since 2014.  Can’t wait to meet you and see what you create!

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    Clear Energy

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    Breakthrough Patterns

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    Live Your Purpose

    Your Soul is Leading the Way

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    I have the best clients.  See what some of them had to say about working together.

    “I feel very blessed to have found Ellen.  The experience of delving into and clearing my Akashic record has been life-changing in terms of helping me heal in areas I could not have voiced adequately before and helping me to trace a path forward towards the goals I have been pursuing in my heart for longer than I really had known before.  I feel incredibly hopeful and optimistic about the future now.  Ellen has empowered me in so many ways and allowed me to re-embrace my sense of purpose with my whole heart.”

    -Joanna S.

     “I went to bed last night feeling clearer than I’ve felt in a long time, and I woke up this morning knowing that I can trust my inner knowing. That, as you know, is a huge deal!”

    – Shannon S.

    “I’m really excited. I feel that our last session brought a lot of peace to my heart, especially when it comes to being a mom. Before we spoke, I worried about my abilities constantly. The past few months have been transformative. I feel much more aligned”.

    -Emily Z.

    “Thank you, Ellen, for such a wonderful session yesterday! It was very enlightening to know what is going on with my little guy! Thanks for your insight into his world! What you do is so incredibly helpful to parents and caregivers! I wish everyone knew about the gift you have to give!”

    – Leigh W.

    “Ellen has a very gentle nature. She put me at ease with everything, and I could relate everything we discussed to my current situations in life.”

    -Terri O.

    Ellen’s input was accurate and so very helpful, as it explained some aspects of my life that were like a ”puzzle without any instructions”.

    -Cristina T.

    “I’m so happy to share my experience, because it was so awesome. Instantly, communication increased with people around me. I felt good. I felt lighter and like I had had a giant hug”.

    -Emily Z.

    This woman blew me away!  Ellen helped shine a light on so much of what I have been moving through, sitting in, and searching to let go of.

    She helped me step into a deeper knowing of why my soul chose to come back to this life and what my role is in the collective.
    It’s okay to be me. Me. Authentic me. It’s who we are that makes a difference not what we do.
    I feel lighter, uplifted, validated, seen, heard, supported and most of all loved through this reading with Ellen. She really is a New Earth Angel and I am so delighted to know her.

    -Amy B.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    + Where will we meet?

    We will meet online via Zoom.  When you schedule each session, you’ll receive an email with the details.

    + Is there a religious affiliation?

    No. Soul-Led Lifestyle and the Akashic Records are not affiliated with any religion.

    In this work, the terms Source, Divine, Life-Force Energy, God, Spirit, and Akasha are all used inter-changeably and you can choose the terms that resonate most deeply for you.

    + Why women, moms and single moms?

    A huge part of my experience during the last 8 years serving in this work, has been being a solo mom to my sweet boy and carving our own path that would allow us to be who we each are as individuals — which didn’t match with traditional approaches in many areas.

    It is my passion to support other women and moms to create their own heart and soul aligned lifestyles!

    + Will anything bad come up in our sessions?

    Following the Universal Law of Readiness, nothing will come through that you are not ready to be aware of.

    Sometimes, uncomfortable circumstances from past lives or your current life will come through that are ready for awareness and clearing.

    All comes through with unconditional loving energy, from the vantage point that all is perfect, all is well.

    You are a Divine Being in a human body & experience.

    + Could this coaching help me with my relationships with my child(ren) and/or partner?

    Yes! The insights and wisdom that are available to us from the Akashic Records can provide a new level of understanding of yourself and your loved ones. This can be enormously helpful, especially when you are not only actively creating a life aligned with YOUR purpose, but also supporting those you love as they express themselves fully too.

    + Do you have to be an entrepreneur to benefit from this program?

    Absolutely not! This program is designed to support You as you come into a deep remembrance of Who You Are at Soul-Level and create a life that is most aligned with your heart and Soul.

    For some, the path of entrepreneurship will absolutely be a part of the journey. But not for all.

    There is something special that can only come through YOU in this life, and this program is all about creating the energetic opportunity and grounded support to help you bring your magic through!

    There is something special only You can bring through.

    You positively affect more people than you realize.

    You are supported and loved.

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