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Hi!  I’m Ellen.

I’m a Single Homeschooling Mom-preneur who has a passion for all things energy work and peeling back the layers to live our most authentic Soul’s expression.  Who you are matters, and No One else can bring through the special magic you are here to share. 

Let’s open like the beautiful lotus and live the Soul-Led Lifestyles of our dreams!

“Even the Smallest Divine Expression Creates a Ripple Effect to Infinity.”

Deep Remembrance

Notice & Receive


Ground & Expand

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About Soul-Led Lifestyle:

Soul-Led Lifestyle is the next evolution of what started as Soul-Level Healing.

Discover and uncover your Soul’s gifts and specializations, clearing energetic blocks that are influencing your current life. Support as you step into your full, authentic Soul’s expression.

Let’s face it, when we choose to step into our fullest conscious expression, many in the world around us are NOT choosing the same. The heart-centered, Soul-aligned path is not a people-pleasing one. It comes from within You. And it absolutely takes strength to take each step when those around you are against it.

Coaching supports you as you step into your Truth and make choices that honor your Soul.

Inspirational products bring reminders and beauty into your surroundings as you lean into and trust the benevolent support all around you.

Who you are is so needed and so loved.

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Break-Through to YOU Coaching Program:

  • Looking for or wanting to expand living your life purpose?
  • Seeking Clarity and insight about who you are at Soul–Level?
  • Don’t fit in the box, society, their family, religion or culture has expected of you?

Discover who you are at Soul-Level

  • Illuminate energies contributing to challenging relationships & circumstances
  • Notice & clear energetic blocks and create a fresh opportunity
  • Get clearer on Your purpose, what is special about you that ONLY YOU can bring into this world
  • Uncover patterns & break-out of unhelpful ones!
  • Get personal guidance from the Akashic Records & Your Spirit Guide Team

Exercises, tools and techniques that will help you in your conscious expansion beyond our time together.  And much more…

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Inspirational Products

Find products that inspire you and remind you of your Divinity in the shop!

Surround yourself with beautiful items for your home, books, oracle decks, affirmations and more.

You deserve to be surrounded by beauty, support and love.

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About Ellen:

Ellen Lorraine Niemeier is a Transformation Coach, Certified Advanced Soul Realignment® Practitioner, Master Akashic Records Reader, expert Intuitive and Channel.

Ellen’s programs are unique in that she works with the Akashic Records to identify and burst through energy blocks and bring through highly individualized Divine guidance so clients can experience real forward momentum and lasting change.

Since 2014, she has served clients worldwide with a passion for assisting others to discover and align with their Soul-Level divinity and to create the Soul-Led Lifestyle of their dreams!

Author of the beautiful 44-card Soul Affirmation Oracle Card deck – Available in Shop!
Certified Advanced SOUL REALIGNMENT® Akashic Records Practitioner
World Metaphysical Association Academy Certified Akashic Records Master Reader
Certified Angel Card Reader
Healing Arts Center Certified Singing Bowl Sound Therapist
Previous Board-Certified Music Therapist (2003-2008)
Chapter Author in: “More than a Mum”. February 2018 White Light Universal publishing
Professional freelance violinist
Single mom to an awesome human

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